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a cheery playground for writers and artists, with uplifting news about the Rogue Valley and beyond

Mission Statement & More


Remember Jerry McGuire?  That’s one beauty of an online Mission Statement:  You don’t have to call up 70 people first thing next morning to ask them to return your Mission Statement before they read it.

I’ve rewritten this one a few times, and I’ll no doubt revise it periodically. That’s the beauty of an online site that invites interaction with its readers: As the site evolves it will reflect you, the reader/contributor, more and more. Until that time, read the Mission Statement to better understand where I hope to take you. Then tell me how to get you there.  As we move forward, let me know what you think. — Constance Frankland



The WRITE Place (for Goodness’ Sake!) is a showcase for author Constance Frankland, other local experienced authors and artists, and those writing their first tales and creating their first artwork.



We begin with the work of Constance Frankland and other select local authors and artists. The we work with our reading/writing/artistic community to provide a safe, nurturing, ever-expanding online home for beginning writers and artists to experiment and trial their work as we celebrate the things that enrich and beautify our lives.



We believe that:

  • good news and fine craft should be shared.
  • working with words and art is healthy (and fun).
  • everybody starts somewhere.
  • ordinary people do extraordinary things every day.
  • everybody, young and old, has a story to tell and art in their heart.
  • if there’s a fun way to reach a goal, why do it any other way?