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a cheery playground for writers and artists, with uplifting news about the Rogue Valley and beyond


Constance Frankland, M.S. Ed. Owner/Founder

Constance Frankland, M.S. Ed. Owner/Founder the WRITE place (for Goodness’ Sake!)

the WRITE place (for Goodness’ Sake!) brings to fruition a long-held dream, one I’ve held since realizing that my work and play are so enmeshed.  The website endeavors to honor writing and art about community, commerce, events, achievement, and imagination, while opening doors to a great deal of fun.

At first …

We will focus on my work and that of local published writers and artists in the beginning. Eventually, we hope our online playground becomes a welcome home for blossoming writers, artists, and other creative spirits.  the WRITE place (for Goodness’ Sake!) is in its infancy. In fact, when I write “we” you probably imagine a hard-working staff.

Our staff …

Alas, I am the sole staff member. Vital help-on-request includes Andrew Eddy, computer whiz and apt teacher; Christy Kiltz (Design by Kiltz!), web design, web maintenance, and self-described geek; and my husband Kenneth, visionary, first reader, hand-holder, and problem resolution wizard.

Goals for the Write place (for Goodness’ Sake!) include …

  • Weekly entries on the “Constance Comments” blog.
  • Weekly features heralding Rogue Valley people, places, and events.
  • Links to local calendars.
  • Challenges to hobby writers, artists, and creative people of all ages.
  • Collaboration with schools, independent bookstores, and others to spotlight hobby writers and artists.
  • AIM (Authors Innovative Marketing) updates on local published authors and their work.
  • Humor, joy, and good will wherever we can make it happen or soak it in.

Here’s hoping …

You may increasingly find the WRITE place (for Goodness’ Sake!) a happy place to learn more about our people and our town, experiment with your scribbles and doodles, be enriched, laugh, and grow daily. We hope you find us a welcome complement to your morning coffee or tea.  Join us often, let us know who you are, and let us know what you would like to see on the pages of The Write Place (for Goodness’ Sake!)