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Art Challenge: Spring!

Art Challenge: Spring!

Have you taken the perfect photograph of your early bloomers — the deep purple crocus, the bright yellow-and-orange daffodils, the delicate paperwhites?  Or does Spring find you sitting as quiet as Beatrix Potter,  sketching baby bunnies in brass-buttoned vests and bright blue shoes?  Perhaps needlework is your outlet, and you celebrate the season’s change by displaying your embroidered pillowcases with Spring florals at the hem.

Maybe you haven’t yet found the tool that allows you to express with zest the longer days and bright hues that herald Spring, the season of rebirth.  If that sounds sadly like you, consider giving the ArtRage program a shot. Believe it or not, the accompanying picture is completely digital and brought to life with ArtRage. I chose a background that gives the impression of silk, and metallicized my “paint” to look like shiny fine embroidery thread. For uniformity in drawing I used the program’s stencils.

Show us what you’ve created this Spring! If it fits our theme, we’ll post it here on the ART CHALLENGE: SPRING! page.   (See our Submissions page for the fine details.)